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Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a Marketing Minor
Major Course Work

Public Relations Campaigns - Applied skills and knowledge to create and present a public relations campaign for Fox Sports University.

Digital Style and Design in Public Relations - Introduction to HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Canva Design Tool. Practice with style and design aspects of public relations.


Public Relations Research - Learned formal research procedures, sampling, instrument design, gathering information, data processing, analysis and reporting. Developed a survey through Qualtrics Survey Software for an Auburn University client and presented group findings in a final report.


Case Studies in Public Relations - Analyzed both positive and negative public relations practice through relevant case studies. You can view my final group case study in my portfolio.


Multimedia Writing for Public Relations - How to plan, write and execute different PR media. Learned the importance of preliminary research and understanding the target audience to draft effective content. In this class, we developed a media kit for a fictional client. You can view my media kit in my portfolio.


International Public Relations - Looked at public relations practice globally. Understood the different meanings of PR in different nations and compared them with the United States.


Strategic Communication - Learned preferred communication channels and strategic approaches to communication with various audiences as a public relations professional.


Foundations of Public Relations - Introduction to the public relations field, terminology and methodologies through historical background and current context.

Marketing Minor

Principles of Marketing


Services Marketing


Personal Selling


New Product Development


Business to Business Marketing


Sports Marketing