Media Kit

In my Multimedia Writing for Public Relations class we were tasked with developing a media kit for a client. We were not allowed to write for a real company or organization. Each student had to come up with a fictional client to write for. I wanted to capitalize on this opportunity and write for an industry I am interested in. After deliberating between ideas, I settled on the Florida Marine Conservation Awareness Group or FMCAG abbreviated. This fictional nonprofit organization works to preserve marine life species all over Florida through community outreach and education. Since I am interested in conservation and the environment, I wanted to get an idea of how I would tailor content for the green industry.


The Indian River Lagoon in Florida is considered one of the most biologically diverse lagoon ecosystems in the Northern Hemisphere. Currently, the lagoon suffers from pollution due to Lake Okeechobee leakage and malfunctioning residential septic tanks. Both factors create uncontrollable algal blooms that starve the water of the proper nutrients and oxygen. The polluted water kills a significant number of marine species by depriving the animals of necessary food and oxygen. I used this real life crisis to serve as a focal point for the client to host speakers, create publicity and sponsor volunteer days. In my writing samples, I created fictional events, company history and employee names.


Through this project, we learned the components of news releases, backgrounders, features and media advisories. We also learned how to write pitches for different mediums such as email and social media outlets. When the writing samples were complete we uploaded our media kits to a basic Wordpress blog and published the content online. Click on the image below to view my media kit.